A man has a choice, I chose the impossible! I built a city where the artist would not fear the censor. Where the great could not be constrained by the small. Where the scientist would not be bound by…petty morality! I chose…Rapture! But…my city was betrayed by the weak. So I ask you my friend…Would you kill the innocent? Would you sacrifice your humanity? We all make choices, but in the end…our choices make us!

- Andrew Ryan


"Watch out for those Splicers…"

Cosplayer: Tumblr/Facebook

Photographer: Aperture Ashley


"Why do they wear those masks? Maybe there’s a part of them that remembers how they used to be, how they used to look. And they’re ashamed."


spider splicers my fave


spider splicers my fave


finally all of them are done these took me all day but the result is’nt so bad

I a not to keen on the typography in the bottom corner of the arcadia one but  I can’t really afford to spend much more time on these.

now i just need to write the evaluation and I can forget about it :3

Hi, I just saw your bunny splicer mask and I am wanting to make one (for a local convention here in Atlanta). What did you use to make it? Thanks!



I made it from paper mache and it was very cheap and easy to make.

I’ve attached a tutorial of my process if that helps you or anyone else interested in making the mask. 

You will need (some optional):

  • cat mask
  • thick cardboard
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • wallpaper paste (to make the paper mache)
  • masking tape
  • hot glue gun
  • fine grit sandpaper
  • suitable colour paints including crackle effect paint if you want to use it (you can just paint the crackle detailing on) e.g. heirloom white, black, red, brown, gold.
  • gesso
  • paintbrushes
  • white spirit (cleaning the paint brushes of this crackle effect paint if using)

1) Obtain a cat mask and attach some cardboard ears with masking tape thoroughly (to hide the seams well). 

2) Cut out the damage detail and reshape the eyes.


3) Paper mache over the ears, seams and damaged detailing.


4) Draw on the detail with a pencil and go over it with a hot glue gun.

5) Prime with gesso and sand it in between each layer. I did this about 5/6 times.  It’s very helpful for if you make a mistake with the hot glue detailing or want to reshape the glue.  This photo below is before I starting sanding:


6) If using crackle paints, I used these in order of left to right:


7) This is what it looks like after crackle effect paint: image


8) If there is too much crackle for your liking then go over parts thinly with the 3rd paint (see above paints photo).

9) Paint finer gold detail and add weathering such as blood and dirt.  Blood can be made by mixing red and brown paint with a little water.  Flicking a toothbrush makes good blood spray!



I hope this helps! I’m in the process of making this Ladysmith Splicer: image

- So if you want to see any other progress pics check my page
 or send a message here to my tumblr.  I’m by no means an expert or a professional, I just teach myself and hope for the best!; but if something I’ve done is helpful to someone else I’m more than happy to help :)


Kirsty :)


Team Bioshock (and several friends!) at the GA Aquarium, DragonCon 2014

All photos by our favorite photog, Victor Voyeur